Department of ENT Head & Neck Surgery

The department provides comprehensive otolaryngology care for patients including complex head and neck tumour surgeries. Department headed by Dr Jawahar Nagasundaram one of the pioneers of ENT surgery in Tiruchirapalli.

Joint preservation unit facilitating our patients to avoid or postpone joint replacement surgeries with recent advances. Sports injury clinic providing care for ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, shoulder injuries, tendon injuries enabling them to restore sports activities.

Our arthroplasty unit providing excellent results in primary complex knee and hip joint replacements & Revision replacement surgeries with patient specific imported implants for replacement surgeries, which is having long durability and fewer failure rates. 

Our novel pain management techniques ensure a relatively painfree post-operative period. Because of this patients were able to walk the very next day of the replacement surgeries.

The physiotherapy team ensures dedicated post-operative care and rehabilitation. Furthermore, they have played a vital role in non-operative management for elderly patients with joint pain. We have structured physiotherapy programs for shoulder pain (Frozen shoulder), knee pain and back pain for adequate restoration painfree lifestyle.


ENT Head & Neck Surgery Doctors

MBBS, MS, FRCS, DLO, ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon
Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon