Internal medicine and
Critical Care

Department of Internal medicine and critical care with a dedicated team of doctors are instrumental in providing comprehensive care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses.

Infectious diseases unit provides comprehensive care for patients with Fever, acute diarrheal diseases, respiratory, and other infections with specialty care from respective departments as a multidisciplinary approach.

The Diabetology team provides complete diabetic care for our patients with adequate guidance starting from lifestyle changes, diabetic diet advice, appropriate medications, regular diabetic check-ups. 

Critical care unit with well equipped 24 X 7 Intensive care unit providing tertiary care facilities like ventilator, bedside dialysis handling all medical emergencies. Our toxicology unit provides timely treatment for all poisoning including snake bites ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Geriatric patient care requiring specialized protocols for the management of chronic ailments and improvising the quality of their life is provided.


General Medicine Doctors

MBBS., MD (Gen Med), C Diab, Fellow Cardio
General Medicine