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Your health and safety are our top objectives at Dr. Viswanthan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited. We are here to look after you and your loved ones. Learn how we keep you safe and secure and receive the treatment you require.
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Comprehensive Healthcare in Trichy
Vishwanathan Hospital is a multispecialty hospital in Trichy that offers a wide range of medical services, including cancer treatment. Our team of experienced and qualified doctors is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care.
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Our specialists put you first, which means you'll get the answers and assurance you need with the precision you can trust.
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1st Time in Delta Region
Endobronichial cryotherapy (EBCT) + Chemoradiotherapy (CRT) improves symptoms, respiratory functions, performance status, survival outcomes in inoperable NSCLC cases.
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With the help of our world-renowned Doctor, you can get the answers you need and the confidence to make educated health decisions.
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FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) award from TANCARE for the best private hospital.

NABH Award

Patient Safety & Quality of Care Accredited Hospital by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers.

US Approved

First & only hospital in Trichy listed with the American Consulate as medical service providers for US citizens travelling in South India or those residents here.

CM Award

The best performing medium size hospital in Tamil Nadu for Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme in 2010.

About Us

"Get Cared For By The Best"
Dr.G.Viswanathan Speciality Hospital is home to some of the most eminent doctors in the world

When one delves into the history of the city of Tiruchirappalli, the name of the pioneer, Dr. G. Viswanathan of Srirangam,  stands prominently as someone who played a significant role in bringing modern medicine to the doorsteps of common people.

Our mission is to excel in patient care and establish ourselves as the most trusted hospital for personalized care. We are committed to defining, delivering, and setting the highest standards for compassion and innovation, always prioritizing the well-being of our patients and their families.

Since 1939 Dr. G. Viswanathan and his family offer free consultation till today.

Dr. G. Vishwanathan,



Dr. G. Sakuntala


Dr. V. Kanagaraj

M.D., D.C.H

Former Director

Dr. K. Shantha


Former Director




What they Do

Spy Glass Laser Endoscopy


  • Single Operating System
  • Four-way steerability
  • 2 Irrigation and Suction Channels
  • Direct Biopsy Facility
CBCC Cancer Center


  • Linear Accelerator
  • HDR Brachytherapy
  • Electron Therapy 4Energy
  • VMAT, Triple Energy Linear Acclerator


  • Creating Awareness
  • Mammography Camps
  • Mobile MAMMOBUS
  • 50,000+ Women participated



Dr. G. Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited, a well established multi speciality hospital in Trichy with world-class healthcare & excellent patient services offers various specialities like Endoscopy, ENT Head & Neck, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, Urology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics & Neonatology, Radiology and affordable general medical treatments.

Ortho related issues will continue and prolong in our day to day life. Dr Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited consultants specialised in all the ortho departments include complex trauma, joint replacement, spine surgery, physiotherapy & rehabilitation, arthroscopy and sports medicine to provide pain-free life to the patients. With rich experience in all the Ortho healing techniques, our team provides 24 x 7 accident, emergency and trauma care in Srirangam and Trichy. The highest success rate and quality patient service put us as the front runner in curing the ortho related issues in Trichy. You can take all the ortho treatments in one place with highly qualified and practised professionals.

In this fast-moving world, people are now forgetting to take care of their health and failing to check it regularly. Is it important to check and know your health rate? Yes, it is really important to check our body usually. Dr.G. Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited is the place where all the medical checkups are offered like Women Health checkup, Comprehensive Cardiac checkup, Comprehensive Liver checkup, Comprehensive Diabetic checkup, Comprehensive Master Health checkup, Executive Master Health checkup.

By the timely and regular checkups, Dr. Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited has helped many people in finding hidden diseases & providing them appropriate timely cures and still continuing.

Yes, the best cancer treatment is provided by the Dr.G. Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited with advanced technologies and facilities include high-end state of art LINAC with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (V MAT), Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). Dr Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals Private Limited is the first to introduce all the advanced technologies for cancer treatment in Trichy.